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My name is Ashley Childers and I would like to welcome you to The Style Emporium a.k.a my creative crash pad… Since this is kinda like our first date I should probably share a little about myself.  I am the founder and Creative Director of the lifestyle brand Emporium Home, a mother to Brighton 15 and Cade 10 (the two most precious blessings EVER!!!) a wife, a sister, an artist and one of those Boss Ladies who has to pinch herself periodically to make sure that the things she gets to do, and the awesome staff she does them with are real!  So basically, I LOVE my job and I LOVE life… and I believe we all have the choice to live it stylishly!

Enters the Style Emporium…. a place to share the inspiration, stories and amazing visual happiness that I encounter in this journey of mine.  The CREATE • INSPIRE • LIVE of my life, plus all the decorating tips, recipes, party ideas, DIY projects, travel pics and general stuff I think is cool.


To me creativity and the artistic endeavor is such a joy.  I believe that unique and beautiful things bring happiness to our lives and I design products for Emporium Home with this focus.  It is such a cool thing to watch a product go from idea, to sketch, to sample, to a product that fills my warehouse shelves and eventually finds it’s place in someone’s beautiful home! I love that process and all the interesting places and artisans that I get to encounter along the way.  To create something that can be enjoyed and loved is my passion, and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Inspiration is absolutely everywhere.  In the way the golden afternoon sun streams through the oak trees in Arkansas, in the vibrant colors of a brand new set of pastels, or in the sound of my kiddos laughing as they share stories of their day’s adventures.  I am an inspiration junkie, and I believe that taking the time to notice what makes your heart happy and your eyes widen with excitement is the ultimate way to be inspired.


Life rocks! Each day is a new blank page, and we get to decide what we want written on it.  Are we spending it with friends and family around a beautifully set table? Are we snuggling up on the sofa to plan exactly how we want that new family room to be decorated? Or are we headed out to see the world, with camera in hand?  These daily adventures are all a part of this big collage known as life, so let’s grab the decoupage and get after it!

  XOXO –

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  • Reply Chrissy Cook July 13, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    So exciting!! Can’t wait to see your adventures. Very inspiring, thank you for sharing.

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