DIY Romantic Fall Arrangement


So basically, I think the most amazing and effective arrangements are those that have a totally romantic and unplanned appeal. This DIY romantic fall arrangement will be the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving celebration! To achieve this look you will need:

• gorgeous/totally luscious flowers and berries + filler greenery

floral oasis blocks, to fit inside your planter’

• swanky vintage brass planter or something of your liking

To begin start by soaking the floral oasis in water for about 30 minutes and then cut it to fit into your selected container, making sure it comes all the way up to the rim. Next, start adding your base foliage layer, in my case the Dusty Miller. This allows you to build a base for the arrangement so you can see where you want to put your focal roses and berries. Once the base foliage is in place, begin adding your flowers and berries. Along the way  cut the stems of each to fit the height you want  in order to create various levels and depth. With this whimsical approach the result  is an arrangement with an asymmetrical and relaxed vibe. floral-blog-post

If you want to recreate this exact arrangement, our flower selection consisted of:

1. Globe Amaranth

2. Dusty Miller

3. Hypericum

4. Hot Pink Roses

5. Feather Celosia

6. Eucalyptus Leaves

I absolutely love making unexpected arrangements for family gatherings! What a treat it would be to see this beauty next to your Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings!


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