Style It: Coffee Table


A beautifully styled and functional coffee table could be touted as one of a room’s most important components. I love re-styling the coffee tables in my own home quite often. It gives me the opportunity to change the accessories, embracing each season and providing a place of presence for my array of accessories from my travels and the Emporium Home collection. Below are my tried and true guidelines for building the perfect coffee table scape. But remember, half the fun is to play around with the composition and be unexpected. It’s your home after all, it should be fun!


Every coffee table in my home has at least one beautiful book, sometimes multiple. I change them out often, and love curing up in the early morning with a cup of coffee,  pouring over the pages and being inspired by images of far flung places, beautiful gardens, exquisite interiors and fabulous fashion.


One of my golden coffee table rules is a storage box of some sort. It could be a stone clad brass beauty or a bone inlay wonder from my travels… boxes are a must! They corral t.v. remotes, matches, tissue, whatever, they are functional and beautiful all at the same time, WIN!


Candlelight is essential for me. It soothes me, it rejuvenates me, therefor I have candles burning constantly. I love the candleholder I used on this coffee table. It is a sliced agate geode that holds a candle. When lit, the glow that permeates the stone is organic and glorious, I LOVE it!


More visual interest is added with a small trinket box and selenite sticks. The box is the perfect place to stash chocolate bites, or your sugary treat of choice and the selenite sticks add another organic element, and conversation piece. Not to mention the mineral is said to have calming properties.


Last, but certainly not least, are fresh flowers or foliage. I am a huge believer that having live plants or flowers in our homes give our spaces life and freshness. I love to pick up beautiful blooms at the flower market, but often I will opt for ones that I’ve clipped from my own landscape. Magnolia leaves, English roses, even branches from my Japanese Maple have all graced the coffee tables in my home, and made my spaces feel alive and fresh.

Use these building blocks to experiment when styling your own Coffee Table. Have fun, mix it up, get your creative juices flowing, and enjoy the process, then the outcome will always be delightful!


XOXO – Ashley

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