Dream Home: Front Doors

Front entry doors are one of the most seen and used elements of a home. They are where you greet guests, hang holiday wreaths and pose the kiddos for the first day of school. I think choosing the right front door can set the tone for an entire home and give guests a glimpse of the homeowner’s personal style. I have somewhat of a love affair with front doors. The very first time I visited Paris, I spent half a day just walking the street taking hundreds of pictures of the grand Parisian doors that fill the city. And it doesn’t stop there, I have been know to stop a car in the middle of the street just to catch a glimpse of gorgeous front doors tucked away behind entry gates.

When I started looking for front entry doors for our new home I was a little overwhelmed at all the possibilities. I knew I wanted double doors, at least 8 feet tall with a possible 2-foot transom above, but that was about it. Wood, steel, iron, I had to explore all the possibilities before I could make a final decision. At this point, I am still trying to decide between a set of solid mahogany wooden doors with glass lites and a custom arched transom that ties in to the door design, a set of sleek steel doors (there are various configurations I’m considering), or a more edgy slim profile iron design with an “X” pattern. The three looks are totally different, but equally beautiful and I have to make a decision pronto because framing is underway!

Here are inspiration images that I’m using to get my creative juices flowing. Comment below and let me know your favorite. I’m excited to get these babies ordered and installed!








Happy Designing!

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