Dream Home: Door Hardware

Hardware seems like a finishing touch, and it is. But it was important to me that all the finishes in our new home be in harmony with each other. I don’t want matchy-matchy, just a thoughtful blend of metals and materials to create depth and layers in our new space. I actually started looking at door and cabinet hardware before we even broke ground. These details were the jumping off point for many of my other interior finish decisions. In keeping with my love for all things chic and glamorous I am naturally drawn towards hardware with golden tones and a satin finish. But, that’s not to say that gleaming polished nickel doesn’t make my heart skip a beat as well. I love the warm undertones of polished nickel, the edginess of matte gunmetal and the depth and patina un-lacquered brass takes on over time.

The styles and finishes in door and cabinet hardware are limitless. Minimal to flourished, edgy to traditional, you can literally find anything your heart desires if you take time to explore all the options. Hardware can really impact not only the overall aesthetic of a space, but well crafted hardware can impact the way you live in and enjoy your home. Think about how many times per day you turn a door knob or grasp a kitchen cabinet pull in your home, those everyday experiences can be elevated to a whole other level when using high quality hardware.

Although I haven’t made all the final decisions for our Dream Home hardware, I have narrowed the choices down from the thousands I have considered to only an outstanding few that meet the criteria I’m looking for. Check out my hardware round up below, I have choices for each space in our home and would love feedback on your favorites! After all, hardware is jewelry for the home, and we all like picking out jewelry, don’t we?

Happy Designing!


1| Modern Disk Crystal, 2|Octagon Knob, 3|Egg Knob, 4|Hampton Knob, 5|Estate Knob, 6|Omnia Knob

1| Estate Lever, 2|Athena Door Lever, 3|Merrimack Lever, 4|Omnia Lever, 5|Buster and Punch, 6|Fonteyn

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