Artistic Painted Easter Eggs, The Style Emporium

The Chicest Easter Eggs Ever!

I love Easter!  The sun’s shining and all the flowers are blooming.  It’s the first celebration of spring and one of my favorite holidays!  Every year I spend time with my kiddos decorating all different kinds of eggs.  We have dyed, splattered, foiled, decoupaged and marbled.  This year, I really wanted to do something fun, artistic and EASY!  So I got out my brightest acrylic paints and went to town.  Super fun and something the whole family can do together, we just painted sections of the eggs our favorite spring colors and topped them off with a few smudges of gold leaf for extra sparkle.  I ADORE the outcome, and hint… we used white plastic eggs so I can use them year after year!  I have them displayed on our entry console in yummy vintage glass bowls.  They look fab and were so fun to make!  I’ve listed supplies and step by step instructions below.  Try it out, I promise you’ll have the swankiest eggs at the hunt if you do!

Artistic Painted Easter Eggs, The Style Emporium

Artistic Painted Easter Eggs, The Style Emporium


  • plastic or hardboiled eggs
  • acrylic paints, we used lavender, blush, coral, turquoise, lime, yellow, baby blue & hot pink
  • gold leaf adhesive & gold leaf sheets
  • paint brushes
  • paper towels

Lay out all your eggs on paper towels and work with one color at a time, painting a section of each egg and building your colors as you go. If you do it this way, it goes super fast and all the eggs have a similar color story, while still being different.  After they all dry, swipe a bit of gold leaf adhesive onto the eggs and place the gold leaf on top.  Wipe away the excess and bam, the chicest, artsiest, swankiest easter eggs ever!

Let us know how your eggs turn out this year!!  Happy Easter!



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