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Mother’s Day Gifts that Give Back

Of course, as Momma of my two precious blessings, Brighton and Cade, I look forward to Mother’s Day all year!  It’s so special to spend the day with my kids, husband, mother, grandmother and my sweet sis and her precious fam.  We celebrate together and the day is always filled with lots of love, laughter and mimosas!  Every year I try to think of something meaningful to give all the special mothers in my life.  I’m a certified gift giving junkie, the lady who starts buying Christmas presents in July if I find the perfect thing, and this holiday is no different.  I try to give each one of the precious ladies in my family something that’s meaningful and personal.  We always have such a fun time opening gifts, laughing and sharing memories.  It’s time I treasure.

Mother's Day Laughter

As for my kiddos, they always manage to give me something thoughtful and heartfelt, and those are the best gifts of all!  We all have those kindergarten canvases with our children’s tiny handprints or pictures framed in glitter and star stickers, and aren’t those the most prized things in our homes?  If you’re a Momma, you bet they are!  To know that your children, husband, parents, siblings or friends think enough about you to honor you with a gift that they have thought about and chosen especially for you warms the heart.

Mother's Day Gifts that Give Back | The Style Emporium

So, this year, I decided since moms are all about the sentiment and thought behind a gift, it would be nice to create a Mother’s Day Gift Guide that Gives Back.  Presents that are so good, while doing good!  I know as a mom, my heart would melt if my babies got me one of the gifts on this list!  The stories behind these items and the companies who produce or sell them are inspiring, uplifting and impactful.  After all, aren’t those the exact traits we strive for as mothers?

This year let’s do a little more, think a little bigger and chose to honor our mother’s with something that makes a positive impact on our world and those that live in it. Our Mom’s will be so proud, don’t you think!

Mother's Day Gifts that Give Back 1. Giving Key Necklace $47 | 2. Goat’s Milk Hand Cream $30 | 3. Nisolo Isla Slides $88

4. Argan Oil Elixir $35 | 5. Pink Striped Napkin $8 | 6. Cat Cuff $115

7. Pom Pom Beach Bag $136  |  8. Pink Placemat $10 | 9. Eyelash Tassel Basket $70

10. Woman/Human Tank $22  |  11. Shegaw Scarf $38 | Mom Hustle Notebook $16

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Ahhh-mazing Mommas out there!


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