Christmas Garland, How to Decorate Your Mantel

Ashley Childers, Christmas Garland on Mantel

How to Decorate Your Mantel with Christmas Garland

One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of the holiday season is to put up the Christmas garland on our Mantel! In years past, I've always used live cedar garland. But this year I wanted to decorate early, and because of this I opted for faux cedar garland, and it looks amazing!

Confession, I got it from Hobby Lobby, lol. I know, not what you were expecting, but it's absolutely gorgeous and lifelike. Plus, I could put it up at the beginning of November, and because it's faux it'll last all season long!

Ashley Childers, Cedar Garland with Pinecones

First, I hung 4, 6 ft. Christmas garlands on the mantel and secured them with Command hooks and floral wire.

Adding in Mercury Glass Ornaments and Fairy Lights

After fluffing the garland, I hung 5 mercury glass ornaments in various shapes and sizes on each side of the mantel. I used dark gray, bronze, and pewter satin ribbon to hang the ornaments. It adds a bit of unexpected whimsey to the design.

Ashley Childers, Mercury Glass Ornaments on Satin Ribbon

Afterward, I added 30ft of fairy lights that I purchased on Amazon to the Christmas Garland. I especially love these lights because they come on a copper wire, and are so easy to bend into the garland. Plus, the little lights look like they're floating, which I love!

Cedar Branches, Berry Springs and Candles

Next, I added 4 extra Faux Cedar springs for a little more fullness in the center of the Christmas garland. Then, I added 12 gold berry springs for a little sparkle.

Ashley Childers, Cedar Garland with Gold Berries and LED Fairy Lights

Lastly, I topped it off with 5 taper candles to finish the look. The garland is pretty symmetrical on the mantel. Adding in 5 candles at various heights makes things look a little bit more casual and laid back.

Ashley Childers, Christmas Garland decorating mantel

Stockings and Satin Ribbon

I grouped our stockings on one side of the mantel as well for another dash of asymmetry and added loose satin bows on each. I love the floppy look of the satin bows and how the haphazard look plays off the nubby texture of our linen stockings.


Ashley Childers, Gray Linen Stockings with Copper Sating Ribbon
Ashley Childers, linen stockings with satin ribbon on mantel with cedar garland

This Christmas garland look is so easy to replicate and makes such a beautiful statement in our great room. Use my tips to create a similar look for the mantel in your own home. 

Ashley Childers, mercury glass Christmas trees

Have fun decorating your mantel with Christmas garland this year! It's a fun, simple project that will bring beauty to your home all season long!

XO- Ashley