The Hestia Horn Edit

Ashley Childers Jewelry, Hestia Gold Horn Earrings

Golden jewelry perfect for this season!

Our Hestia Horn Collection is both classic and current, perfect for crisp fall days and the season's best golden sunsets. The Horn shape of this collection was inspired by ancient Grecian motifs, but with a decidedly modern twist.
Ashley Childers, Hestia Horn Gold Jewelry
When designing this jewelry collection, I wanted to create something that was sophisticated and casual at the same time, so I incorporated both matte and shiny 18K gold finishes. This combination creates interest and makes the pieces really unique. Which is something I'm always striving for.
Ashley Childers Jewelry, Hestia Gold Horn Earrings
Ashley Childers Jewelry, Hestia Gold Horn Earrings
I love layering the Hestia Horn Necklace with other pieces from our Sol Collection, for a curated look. The statement Hestia Horn Earrings are really fun too because they're adjustable, so you can wear them as is, or remove the small gold Huggies and wear them by themselves.
Ashley Childers Jewelry, Hestia Gold Horn Bracelet
The Hestia Horn Bangle is one of my very favorite pieces this season! This gold bangle is a real statement piece. Its hidden lever makes it super easy to put on and take off, plus the matte gold finish with the bright gold raised bands are so unique and unexpected. I love throwing this bracelet on with everything from a sweater and jeans, to my favorite date-night dress.
XO- Ashley