The Thrive Collection

Ashley Childers, Thrive Collection Inspiration
When I started to conceptualize the Thrive Collection last year, I found myself constantly gathering photos and inspiration from nature. Soft colors, floral motifs and words that just seemed to personify what I believe is "feminine optimism."
Ashley Childers, Thrive Collection
Every year we are greeted by the beauty and wonder of spring. Mother nature gifts us with an explosion of color, fragrance, sunshine and new beginnings. I look forward to this time every year. It's such an inspiration for me. And so much of that feeling we get at this special time of growth and life is what inspired the Thrive Collection. 
Ashley Childers, Thrive Collection
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I chose 4 words to represent the feeling that I wanted to created when designing the collection. Love. Grow. Discover. Thrive. Each word has such a special meaning and encompasses so much of what I hope for all women. 
Ashley Childers, Thrive Collection
Love. As women, we give love to our families and friends abundantly and unconditionally. I think it's one of our greatest gifts, to love so freely and fiercely. To lead with love and to serve others with love. It's a gift that women do so well and I want to celebrate that. 
Ashley Childers, Thrive Collection
Flora Earrings
Preston Mother of Pearl Necklace
Thrive Coin Necklace
Grow. We're constantly growing, learning new things, evolving, and changing. Growth is part of our DNA and it's what keeps us moving forward. We explore new opportunities, and seek new experiences. And through all that we continue to become more than we were the day before.
Ashley Childers, Thrive Collection
Thrive ID Bracelet
Quatrefoil Double Drop Necklace
Discover. One of my favorite things is to find something new and wonderful that I didn't know about before. Maybe it's a new place in the world that I've never traveled to, or a new skill or concept that I learn. Discovery is inspiration. It keeps us curious, engaged and insightful.  
Ashley Childers, Thrive Collection
Thrive. This word sums it all up. The inspiration of growth and new beginnings. A word to describe truly living each day to the absolute fullest. Being ourselves, sharing our positive energy and cultivating our unique gifts. To Thrive is to celebrate all that we are, just as we are. And that's a beautiful thing. 
Ashley Childers, Thrive Collection
As you can see there's so much meaning behind the Thrive Collection. These words and ideas influenced each creative decision I made when designing. Once I had those concepts in place, I went on to create distinctive shapes and motifs that I believe represent those words.
Ashley Childers, Thrive Collection
I hope you love the collection as much as I do. I designed everything to be completely layer-able so you can mix and match styles to create your own unique look. Choose a few pieces you love and let them be a daily reminder that you were meant to Thrive. 
XO, Ashley



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