Ashley Childers Home


About The Collection

It all started with a rough sketch of a chandelier. A design that sparked the vision for an entire brand. In 2011, I launched a small collection in New York with a handful of lighting designs. Now 11 years later, the Ashley Childers Home Collection has hundreds thoughtfully designed products created to bring Artful Living to your home.

Every year, I travel the world to find the highest quality materials and craftspeople to bring my collections to life. These creative partnerships bring a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted soul to our designs, making each Ashley Childers product an artful heirloom.   

I'm all about being in love with your home and believe that when you're surrounded with things that spark your creativity, bring a smile to your face and make you feel inspired, your life is infinitely better.

This idea is the inspiration behind everything I design. From sofas to rugs, dining tables to floor lamps, and everything in between. What you put in your home matters, and I believe in loving every. single. thing.

-Ashley Childers

Handmade originals

Ashley Childers Ceramics

Beautifully crafted in our Italian and Portugese studios.